Register today for HDAA 2022

Registration is officially open for the HDAA 2022 conference in Miami, November 7-10. That's right! We are in-person again after two years of pandemic isolation. It's long past time to see old friends and meet new ones. And along the way, learn how your colleagues are advancing the profession of healthcare analytics. The HDAA conference will be the highlight of your professional year.

The registration website lists our agenda: 36 presentations, plus posters, roundtables and panel discussions. We strongly encourage you to attend in person to get the full flavor of what HDAA members have to share and to take advantage of our many networking opportunities.

Once again, registration is being managed by our conference partner MaineHealth. Be aware that some spam filters may trap conference-related emails from MHES. If you haven't already, you might want to whitelist [email protected] Also note that we'll advertise the conference here and on LinkedIn in more detail over the summer and fall. 

2021 Conference - The Best of Analytics 2021

We were all-virtual again in 2021, a product of the continuing pandemic and tight healthcare budgets. Nevertheless: 313 attendees, three dozen presenters and panelists, more than a dozen online sessions packed into six intense hours. The HDAA annual conference has always been the highlight of the professional year, and November 10, 2021, was no exception. As always, HDAA members demonstrated their expertise with compelling stories from the front lines of healthcare analytics. Click here for a full review. Members only.

About our annual conferences

HDAA's signature event is an annual conference, a three-day affair featuring presentations, panel discussion, roundtable meetings, posters, keynote addresses, and more. There is no better -- or affordable -- opportunity than our conference for learning the latest trends in healthcare analytics, or for engaging with your peers. We strongly encourage you to attend. We also heartily ask you to consider presenting at a conference, whether you're an experienced public speaker or trying to develop your presentation skills. HDAA audiences are the most discerning and accommodating audiences you'll find anywhere.

We maintain an extensive archive of conference agendas, presentations and recordings. Presentations and recordings are accessible only by HDAA members.

Each conference is hosted by one of our member organizations, who use the opportunity to flex their analytics bona fides and to promote their home city. Recent hosts have included Cleveland Clinic, Seattle Children's Hospital, University of Michigan Medicine, and MaineHealth.

Want to learn more?

For more information, or if your organization is interested in hosting, contact Bruce Douglas HDAA Programs