advanced analytics

What is advanced analytics?

We've chosen to define this term broadly: any technology that pertains to the movement, analysis or presentation of healthcare data. This group's original name was "Big Data," and the early discussions revolved around data lakes, cloud computing and the like.

The pandemic put a halt to our technology meetings -- competing priorities intruded. However, Dan Schneider, Northwestern Medicine, and Jeff Weaver, Emory University, have agreed to lead a revived conversation. If you're interested in helping us guide future conversations, please contact Bruce Douglas HDAA Programs.

Advanced Analytics Advisory Team

  • Dan Schneider Northwestern Medicine, HDAA Advanced Analytics co-chair
  • Jeff Weaver Emory University, HDAA Advanced Analytics co-chair
  • Troy Bleacher Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health
  • Beth Britt University of Washington Medicine
  • Davis Burgess Grady Health System
  • Niall Klyn Essentia Health
  • Tanvi Mahajani Intermountain Healthcare
  • Kade Maughan University of Utah Health
  • Tim Muirheid JPS Health Network
  • Rusty Rutherford Medcost
  • Mike Thompson Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Lima Chatterjee Northwestern Medicine
  • Prasanth Nannapaneni Northwestern Medicine
  • Raman Jathar Northwestern Medicine

Upcoming events

None scheduled. The Advanced Analytics SIG will host a roundtable at the HDAA 2023 conference in Denver this November 6-9.

Recently completed events

September 20: Northwestern Medicine reviewed its advanced analytics infrastructure.

May 10: Emory Healthcare reviewed its advanced analytics landscape. Kade Maughan, University of Utah Health, presented a downstream revenue analysis that lent itself to advanced techniques.

Click here for the full archive of recordings. The archive is available only to HDAA members.

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For more information, or to volunteer for the advisory team, contact Bruce Douglas HDAA Programs