HDAA 2022 in Miami!

After two VERY long years in the virtual wilderness, we are thrilled to announce that HDAA's conference will be in person once again. Registration is now open. Please join us November 7-10 in Miami. It's long past time to see old friends and meet new ones. And along the way, learn how your colleagues are advancing the profession of healthcare analytics. 

We realize that circumstances may prevent you from attending in person. If that's the case, please consider our virtual registration option. You'll be able to attend all keynote speeches and presentations. Use the link above and choose the virtual option.

You must be a HDAA member to attend. It's free to join -- here's our application form, and our membership criteria.

The HDAA conference will be the highlight of your professional year. 


We have completed season one of HDAA Insights, our series aimed at recruiting the next generation of healthcare analysts. Twenty-two HDAA members contributed their time and perspectives in six panel discussions this spring. Check here for more information.


The Healthcare Data and Analytics Association is a volunteer organization comprising more than four thousand data and analytics practitioners throughout North America and abroad: academic medical centers, large and small healthcare providers, insurance companies and public health organizations. We are the professionals who produce the analytics that improve patient outcomes, track and reduce healthcare costs, and support medical research.

Once a year, we meet in person for a three-day conference to cement our relationships and renew our commitment to sharing information in the service of our profession. Throughout the year, we gather online via town halls, special interest group meetings and active online forums. A sampling of the issues we address:

  • Data governance and literacy
  • Healthcare equity
  • Advanced data engineering concepts
  • Data warehousing principles
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Analytics from leading EMR vendors
  • Population health analytics 
  • Staffing and career advancement
  • Operating models for healthcare analytics


 Immediately connect to an engaged network of your peers 

  • Professionals directly involved in the day-to-day curation and generation of healthcare analytics:  business intelligence analysts, data engineers, data modelers, data scientists, data stewards, integration architects
  • Directors and hiring managers of analytics departments throughout our organizations: IT, quality improvement, finance, clinical decision support, healthcare informatics, population health networks, research, and more
  • C-Suite executives responsible for producing and using analytics

Gain access to years of materials from the healthcare industry's leading data and analytics professionals:

  • HDAA annual conference presentations
  • Webinar recordings
  • Posters
  • Panel discussions


This is an exceptional healthcare data and analytics organization where you can get answers to your data and analytics questions, share lessons learned with other industry professionals, get first hand validation of data and analytics vendors claims and accelerate your adoption of data and analytics to produce better healthcare outcomes and cost improvements for your healthcare system.


Membership is free to employees of healthcare systems and providers,, insurance companies, public health groups, government healthcare agencies, and to students pursuing a healthcare analytics career. We are supported entirely by revenue from our annual conferences. Click on the link below for membership criteria.